This project is situated on a NW facing slope of Jardim do Mar, a small village on the west coast of Madeira Island, with a stunning view along the coast with its 400m high cliffs.

The key factors that led to the buildings shape are the very small, L shaped plot, the maximization of the view to the NW and to maintain a small, rural scale.
Small barns with gabled roofs and the rough basalt stone walls that shape the terraced farming landscape are typical features of rural Madeira.

The lower apartment consists of an open space where the guests can enjoy the view from everywhere, even when in bed. The existing basalt stone wall in the back was left natural in the interior of the bathroom, showing some huge rocks and growing moss and plants.

The upper apartment has a double ceiling height where a stair leads up to the bed on the mezzanine. The stair, a small kitchen, a storage cupboard and a table where blended into one piece of furniture in an effort to make the most use of the limited area on the main floor.

A small pool consisting of two circles was integrated at a later stage; the gardens with organic farming can be used by the guests.

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